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Minggu, 30 September 2012

Expressing Pain, Relief and Pleasure

* Expressing Pain
when we get sick, we must feel pain on part of our body. When we get an accident, and we get injured because of it, we must feel pain. some expression of pain :
- its very painful. I can't stand it.
- the pain hurts me very much.
- that's hurts!-Oh, my headache!
- my back pains me.
- I'm not feeling well.
- I have a bad cough.
- I feel terrible.
- I'm really sick.
- I can no longer stand.
We can also add it with some interjection, such as : Oh!, Ouch! and Aw!

* Expressing Relief
When we have problem and we can solve it, we will feel relief. In other situation, when we feel worried about something that we will face it, we will also feel relief. a relief is lessening or ending of pain and worry. for example :
- What a relief!
- That's a relief!
- I'm very relieved to hear that (it)
- I'm glad everything's running well.
- I'm glad it's done.
- thank God for that.
- Thank goodness.
- thank heaveness.
- Oh, good!
- Oh, marvelous!, etc.

* Ekspressing Pleasure (happiness)
for example :
- I'm delighted.
- It's very delighted.
- I'm pleased.
- I'm happy (for)...
- I'm glad.
- Great!
- It's wonderful.
- How marvelous!
- fantastic!
- It's a great pleasure!, etc.